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   This sequel spans the thirty years that was missing between his wife Keli's death, on through meeting Kylee.

   The west coast had struggled for survival since the Apocalypse. Cut off from the rest of the continent, broken into scattered isolated communities, each with their own rules for survival, each running out of time. The military in defeat, still unable to get a foot hold after almost seven years, the entire west coast depends upon Hawk to lead them out of darkness.

   An unusual relationship bonds two teens to Hawk and together they find something they all had lost.
 Life once again throws the legend a curve and once again the legend continues.

   In this 'tweenquel' Hawk finds that there is always room for one more legend. 
 References to the first two novels, makes this story fit the span that was missing when the three original novels became two.
   Due to reader requests the three once again exist.

   At one time I had mentioned there might be more novels based upon the times from "Day Zero" to where Hawk's Legend picked up in the wastelands.
At present there are no future plans for any 'prequels', however if the one never knows.

"Again thanks for reading the Hawk's Legend trilogy."

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